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safety program

TriMyc is on a mission to provide a safe, healthy work environment for its employees and clients. A solid safety program is essential to decreasing project delays that stem from employee sickness and injury. It also reduces complications resulting from legal difficulties and increases employee focus, resulting in greater attention to craftsmanship.

We are proud to say that TriMyc has one of the lowest MOD factors in the industry as a result of the strict safety program our employees are required to follow. Each employee has a responsibility and full support of management to enforce the guidelines outlined in our program and are encouraged to call attention to safety violations.

We hold mandatory weekly safety meetings with video tutorials and management instructed safety guidelines. Additionally, many of our employees are certified in CPR, First Aid, Blood Born Pathogens, 10 Hour OSHA, Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry, Trench Safety, Scaffolding Safety and Equipment and Tool Operations.

Each Foreman working at a TriMyc job site is required to hold weekly safety meetings with all job site employees and we use our monthly safety inspection program to continually evaluate our strengths and weaknesses. We maximize these visits with interaction from our field employees and employees from other trades that may be working alongside of our people to reinforce safe procedures and discuss alternative options.

Professional Affiliations


  • Boiler, Hot Water Heating, and Steam Fitting C-4
  • Fire Protection Contractor C-16
  • Plumbing C-36
  • General Building Contractor B-1


  • Build It Green
  • Redwood Empire PHCC
  • North Coast Builders Exchange
  • California Chamber of Commerce