A company culture that fosters safety, growth and support

Our clients receive outstanding service from management and employees that are educated, professional, and well-supported. Creating a company culture that fosters safety, growth, and support has been critical to our success in retaining outstanding, reliable professionals. TriMyc provides every level of employee high quality programs for safety and accident prevention, continuing education, employee assistance programs, and equipment maintenance protocols.

Senior Management

The management team at TriMyc Mechanical Inc. brings over 60 years of experience to all phases of commercial plumbing services. With their broad knowledge of the industry, the management team at TriMyc is experienced at getting your job designed and built the way you envisioned it.

Gerry Bradley

Gerry Bradley (President)

Gerry Bradley started his career in plumbing at a two-year PHCC apprenticeship school in San Diego where he then went to work for United Mechanical. In 1988 he returned to his hometown of Santa Rosa and began working with TriMyc and other mechanical companies. During his first ten years with TriMyc, Gerry was a foreman in charge of some of our most successful projects supervising teams in the production of boiler rooms, wineries, process waste, and restaurants. In 2003 Gerry established Bradley Mechanical where he developed more wineries, schools, and restaurants until Bradley Mechanical and TriMyc were merged in 2007.

Phil Bacci

Phil Bacci (Vice President/Purchasing Manager)

Phil is a Sonoma County native who earned his bachelor’s degree from California State University, Chico in 1992. In early 2007 he came to TriMyc to oversee material purchasing as well as project estimation. His plumbing experience started as an apprentice plumber with both Empire Swift and Kaasch Plumbing before moving on to a local plumbing wholesaler where he specialized in sales for over 10 years. His three years of experience as the manager of a large decorative plumbing showroom in Santa Rosa brings a special perspective of high-end plumbing fixtures for homes and commercial /winery projects.

Casey Rogina

Casey Rogina (Vice President/RMO)

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