Innovative solutions and expertise for over two decades

About Us


TriMyc Mechanical Inc. is one of the leading commercial plumbing companies in Northern California. For the past two decades we have created innovative solutions for some of the most prominent mechanical projects in the region. We perform all levels of contracting services for commercial plumbing from design to installation of plumbing, refrigeration, industrial process systems compressors, and medical gas systems.

Our work can be seen in the region’s best-known wineries, restaurants, commercial office buildings, hospitals, and schools.

The greatest advantage we offer our clients is a partnership they can count on. We work hand-in-hand with your contractors, engineers, and architects to complete your projects in a manner that is both functionally and visually stunning. TriMyc places great importance on the fact that many of our clients are in tourism related industries where visual appeal is a very high priority.

About Us


Founders Mike Rogina and Mike Brogan established TriMyc in 1989 with strict codes of craftsmanship, pride in workmanship, and the desire to do the job right. Mr. Rogina brought with him 18 years of mechanical plumbing and on-site planning experience, while Mr. Brogan (who is now retired) contributed his distinguished background of project, manufacturing, and facilities engineering knowledge.

In 2007 we expanded our range of services by merging with Bradley Mechanical, founded by Gerry Bradley, a former long-time employee of TriMyc. Gerry’s extensive industry knowledge, energy, and passion for excellence have bolstered our ability to surpass the expectations of our clients.